Technology Shifts in the Office: What Do They Mean?

Posted by Five Nines on Aug 23, 2017 11:35:36 AM

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From 8am to 5pm users are connected to their technology within their work environment. Being confined within one space all day may seem grueling, but technology is shifting the ways that will alter the way users and their work space interact. As technology within the workplace evolves, so will the companies that leverage it.

How does new smart office technology impact organizations?


Smart technology within a workspace is designed to deliver increased productivity.  Giving organizations the opportunity to track workflow within an office space, to determine if that space is being used to its full potential. Smart office technologies will also provide an even stronger security system to further decrease the risks of being hacked.


As technology evolves, so will the data collection behind it. Organizations will continue to have the ability to analyze metrics of their choice. Upcoming smart technology, however, will not only measure business success but how their office space is being used. This leaves room for higher levels of communication within organizations, based off of real metrics.

User Interaction

Improvements in smart technology not only focus on the efficiency of the business, but the user's environment as well. Smart lighting and other physical office space technologies will become more prevalent, with the purpose of increasing user compatibility and interaction.

Smart office technology is an up-and-coming development for organizations, and will only continue to grow. Taking advantage of the capabilities of this technology can increase efficiency and employee satisfaction.

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