7 Things You Should Know About Allo Fiber Internet in Lincoln

You may remember hearing the buzz about Nelnet acquiring Allo in 2015. Prior to the acquisition Allo was (and still is) providing fiber optic network options to Western Nebraska. After the acquisition, Allo became the first company to provide fiber optic cables from the street directly to homes and businesses across the city of Lincoln.


What does this mean for your business?

  1. 100 Mb and Gigabit Internet are quite fast. Your business-grade firewall will likely need to be upgraded to a higher model to provide protection at those speeds. If you are a Five Nines client, you can contact your engineer or account manager to find out more.

  2. Allo does not require a contract. If you plan to explore Allo's services once they are in your area, you may want to create a plan before signing a multi-year agreement with another provider.

  3. Yes, it is fiber all the way into your building, not just to the curb or to a box a mile away and then copper from there.

  4. Because it’s fiber to your building, Allo also offers affordable private WAN for your multi-branch business, to other businesses that you need to exchange large amounts of data with, and even your data center colocation rack.

  5. Have employees who work from home? How about private WAN into your business network for them as well!

  6. Some Allo pricing is listed as the after-tax total, so make sure to always compare apples to apples.

  7. Installing fiber optic cable takes time, the photo above shows the current service plan for Lincoln. For more information on the complete schedule visit, www.allocommunications.com/ or if you are a Five Nines client ask your IT Account Manager.


What's the big deal? Why fiber over copper?

The fiber optic signal is made of light which entails very little signal loss, meaning data moves at a higher speed over a greater distance. Fiber keeps your data safer because it is incredibly difficult to tap into in comparison to copper cable. Another key point, especially in the state of Nebraska, is that weather doesn’t affect fiber because the core is glass — making it immune to most interference.