NBA Bank Technology Event Recap: Financial IT

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We had a great time at the Nebraska Bankers Association Bank Technology Conference last week. We got the chance to connect with financial organizations across the state of Nebraska that want to prioritize their technology and implement it in the right ways to drive business success.

To assess what kind of role IT plays across various organizations, Five Nines developed an IT Assessment Quiz that users could take at the Bank Technology Conference.


This assessment was implemented to help organizations analyze their own IT environments.

Based on the results, we discovered that 81% of participants have experienced trends such as:

  • Their IT still tends to be an afterthought for compliance rather than an intentional business unit.
  • Many organizations prioritize backwards, from the “requirements” and compliance audit, back to the day to day operations of the bank, giving temporary blindness to the inefficiencies or deficiencies that impact the front line employees the most.
  • The landscape for smaller community banks continues to put increased pressure on their employees. Many of which are assigned formal roles on paper, but lack the time or expertise to drive that area of focus operationally.
  • More and more organizations are seeking the involvement of a true partnership, rather than a vendor relationship, as a result of the continued focus on compliance in IT.

The quiz results also showed that only 27% of businesses have a formal 1, 3, 5 year IT budget and road map that is reviewed on a quarterly basis.

If you'd like to analyze your own IT environment by taking our free 5 question IT Assessment quiz, click below: 

Take Our IT Assessment Quiz

It is because of these results that we were happy to connect with all of the organizations who attended the Bank Technology Conference last week to start the conversation about the ways organizations within the financial services industry can innovate their business technology.

All in all, it was a great day that focused on the importance of workplace technology and IT services. 

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