Managed IT: The Customer Service Experience Matters

We've seen the statistics, we've heard the horror stories, and we understand. The reality behind how often customer experiences go wrong or problems go unsolved is alarming, and it's time that pattern is broken within the IT industry.


The efficiency of your workplace technology is an extremely important part of your day-to-day operations, which is why customer service experiences should be the least of your worries. Organizations should be happy with their technological setup, and shouldn't feel overwhelmed when addressing a tech issue that must be fixed. It's a sad truth, but when it comes to technology, the troubleshooting of problems is almost inevitable, which is why IT customer service experiences should be more of a relief than anything else.


An Alarming Pattern

A study conducted by Bain & Co. states that while 80% of companies claim they deliver superior customer service, only 8% of people surveyed about these companies agree with that claim. There is an alarming pattern taking place as many individuals or organizations end up switching from company to company because they are constantly let down by poor customer service initiatives. This can cause more problems for those organizations long-term, as they are constantly having to adapt to new points of contact which reduces overall consistency.

Who would blame them, however, when according to statistics provided by New Voice Media, 49% of organizations switch companies because they feel unappreciated, 37% switch due to a rude or unhelpful staff, and 30% become discouraged after being passed around to multiple agents for one issue. These insights are concerning and must be addressed.

Internal IT. Within our industry, we have observed that bad customer service can also derive internally where standards of customer service and technical resources aren't necessarily addressed. This can create tension within organizations, and cause a pattern of avoidance, employees simply "dealing" with their day-to-day technical issues because they don't want to bother their internal staff members with additional questions. Avoidance of technical problems can be detrimental, however, as these issues typically go unresolved until they erupt.


We Care.

This past year Five Nines has gone a step further to embody one of its' fundamentals, "We Care" by implementing an internal Customer Service Committee to keep Five Nines' clients top of mind. According to a study put together by Glance, 91% of customers who have had a bad customer experience won't be willing to do business with that company again. That is an alarming fact, which is why Five Nines has taken client retention very seriously. Currently, Five Nines has achieved a 98% client retention rating, a statistic our team is very humbled by, but our work on improving the Five Nines' customer experience will never truly be over. Five Nines is consistently trying to streamline its' unique service model to ensure clients are getting their issues solved in the most efficient way possible.


The Importance of Customer Service in IT

The success of the customer-to-organization interaction in the IT industry is directly correlated to client success. If the interactions between customers and IT professionals are not productive, the client could potentially lose productivity and time as their technology supports all of their day-to-day tasks. This increases the importance of quality customer service within the field of IT, because IT clients have a lot to lose when it comes to uptime, IT security, technological advancements, and much more.

Five Nines understands that customer satisfaction is not about gimmicks or sales pitches, it's about providing organizations with the peace of mind knowing their technology is being taken care of, and that there isn't a technological problem that should go unresolved. After every closed ticket, Five Nines asks clients to provide ratings based on the experiences they had which helps us address areas of improvement as quickly as we can.


You deserve peace of mind. Don't settle for less.

Five Nines currently holds a 98% Happiness Factor to date, and we are driven by our Gold Star ratings.