The Real Story Behind Managed IT


In the IT industry, we IT folks often assume that users understand all the language and processes. Which is why when the topic of Managed IT Services is discussed, we assume you understand.

We do not want to make assumptions anymore, rather, we want to provide clarification and insight on the purpose and meaning of Managed IT Services.


What is it?

The idea of Managed IT is simplistic. We want to manage your Information Technology for you. This is also known as outsourcing your IT services, sending your IT issues away from your business and into the hands of experts outside of your industry. We consider ourselves an organization that provides Managed IT Services, because we have 80+ experts who enjoy the concepts of technology, who know how to troubleshoot and problem-solve, and who have significant knowledge about how IT infrastructures function and operate.

The point is, technology is a silent support system, a key component to business success that flies under the radar until there is an issue. Managed IT Services are put in place to prevent these issues from happening, to allow you to leverage your technology, and to be the backup support system when something isn't working correctly. The truth is, technology cannot be completely trusted on its own, but an IT team can be.


How will I know if this is something I need?

If security backups, the management of an internal IT team, the possibility of unforeseen costs, and a technological infrastructure at large are aspects you feel comfortable managing on top of your business, a Managed IT Services team might not be for you. If you are already confused by that list of to-dos’, you might want to consider the possibility of outsourcing your IT services.

This process may not be for everyone, and that's okay. For the organizations these services apply to, however, Managed IT Services can make or break the amount of efficiencies within your business. The purpose of these services is to appreciate the businesses that have been built, and provide them with the tools they need to be successful.

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Now what?

Managed IT Services as a broad topic might sound confusing and cause users to cringe in confusion. The goal is simple, helping businesses who use technology to pursue and achieve success. Technology is everchanging, but the way organizations excel and conduct business should only increase. Having a well-oiled team who is confident in each company's technological capabilities can do just that…increase success.  

That's the real story behind Managed IT.


Ready to breakdown Managed IT with us?