Case Study: Supporting A Rural Nebraska Hospital

Healthcare Case Study Reformatted

Five Nines is partnered with a 22-bed critical access hospital in rural Nebraska that supports up to 125 employees working between a hospital, clinic, and remote clinic. The entire business is operated on computers, and the organization relies on these computers to provide high-quality patient care. 


1. Before Five Nines there was a lack of efficiency and support from a previous IT provider.
2. Their team was unable to find talented IT engineers in rural Nebraska.
3. The hospital needed assistance with high-level server, storage, and networking needs.


Five Nines proposed a partnership to be an escalation point for this organization. This 2.5 year partnership has become a story worth telling, as the solutions provided helped with the management of their IT environment, as well as increased engagement and a stronger work/life balance for employees of the hospital.                                                                                                                                            

Who are we talking about, and why is it important? Click below to learn more about this case, and discover how Five Nines has been able to provide 24-hour support, improve the IT infrastructure of the hospital, and find the right solutions for unforeseen issues that arise for over 2 years.

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