Troubleshooting Tips: Don't Let Frustration Win

Running into a technical problem can be stressful, overwhelming, and a huge disruption to your workday.

Don't be like this guy (thank you to our co-owner James, who provided this example). There is a better way, and we will help you get there. Here are some very simple troubleshooting tips you can try before getting ahold of your IT engineer.

First, pay attention to the error messages. Rather than taking your anger out on your device (like the example above), try taking a picture of the error message so your IT engineer knows exactly what is going on.


If your device is running slowly or is frozen, the first step would be to close the application you are in. It may be a simple solution of closing and reopening the program that will solve the problem. Otherwise, you may need to update the application to get it working properly. If the program is frozen and refuses to close, on a PC you can press and hold Ctrl - Alt - Delete and hit the End Task button. On a Mac, press Command - Option - Esc.



If all of your applications are closed and you are still experiencing issues, it's time to reboot your device. Make sure you are completely restarting the device, and not simply logging out and logging back in. Restarting a computer or tablet is one of the best things you can do, and can solve a lot of general issues you may be experiencing.

Five Nines Quick Tip: Try to restart your devices once a week if possible.



Be sure to check all of your connections and ensure all cables are plugged into your device. A good way to check your connection is to try to pull up an internet browser. If you have no connection, be sure to check all of the cables attached to your device as well as the power source.

If you cannot find a solution to your problem with these basic troubleshooting tips, ask around to see if anyone is experiencing similar issues. You'll want to provide as much information to your IT engineer as you can to help get you and your team back up and running.


Yes, running into a technical problem can be stressful, overwhelming, and a huge disruption, but with the right IT help you won't feel the need to slam a bat into your computer. Five Nines can help.