What To Do First: Solving Your Tech Problems

Posted by Five Nines on Jun 14, 2017 10:39:09 AM

The process of solving a problem can often be strenuous, stressful, but it is one of the major components of the Information Technology industry. Here are a few steps we feel are most important when solving tech problems.


IT engineers each have their own set of skills. IT is filled with different tiers and levels of expertise, therefore it is important to designate a problem to the right group of people at the right time. Not sure who or what level your problem should be designated to? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

LOW PRIORITY: Need a password reset? Have a question about the software you are using? Need help setting up a new account? You're in the right place.
NORMAL PRIORITY: Do you see a concerning pop-up notification? Are you running into consistent issues with your software? Need help updating your software/hardware? If your is productivity affected, but not at a complete standstill, you may find yourself here.
HIGH PRIORITY: Are you locked out of staff accounts? Can you access your organization's server? If you are unable to do your job due to technological issues, your IT should be considered a high priority ticket.
CRITICAL: Is your network server down? Are your applications unresponsive? Is a portion of your connectivity lost? Critical tickets typically impact more than one user, if your whole team is experiencing technical issues, you are on a critical ticket level.                                                                                              


While the first solution at hand may seem irresistible to follow, do a double-take. Jumping to the first solution and sticking with it could end up wasting more time. Critically consider about all potential solutions in the beginning problem-solving stages to save time and resources.


Technology never stops evolving, there are always new problems and even newer solutions. Always chasing the ability to learn new things in the industry will not only increase skill set and understanding, but the turn-around time on a problem as well.

Whether you are a technological guru or an IT beginner in need of assistance, these steps should help guide you in the right direction when facing a problem. The truth is, technology will always come with potential error messages or connectivity issues. Rather than letting those problems define your day, provide yourself with the tools necessary to succeed and enhance your day-to-day technology.


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