Defining Your IT Road Map

Preparation is an important part of any business, but when it comes to business technology preparation can make or break how your technical environment operates in the event of an emergency. 

A disaster that compromises your IT environment can range from smaller issues like a power outage, to natural hazards, to internal issues if your company falls victim to a cyber attack, and nearly half of all cyber attacks are committed against small businesses. Businesses who aren't prepared can experience a significant amount of downtime, decreased productivity, and can even experience a breach in their data. If the possibility of a disaster ruining the efficiency of your IT environment scares you, keep reading, because it's time to create a plan.

What your business needs is an IT Road Map. Is your data backed up and secured? Are you prepared for a variety of "what if" scenarios? Can you detail specific ways your business is prepared to protect your technology? What's your IT Road Map?


Free Resource: Ultimate BCP Checklist



Your incident response plan should be your IT roadmap that will guide all teams through a scenario full of unknowns. A few things to consider when creating an incident response plan are:

  • Taking inventory of all of your software applications, data, and what hardware your team uses. 
  • Prioritizing hardware and software restoration for business functions.
  • Developing a list of key responsibilities needed to restore specific aspects of your IT environment.



Your business generates a significant amount of data every single week. Backing up your data on a regular basis could make a difference when disaster strikes. You must develop a strategy that identifies backup procedures, and be sure to conduct backups consistently to ensure the safety of your data.



Conduct an assessment that tests your level of preparation. Are all of the aspects within your IT environment accounted for? Do you have a first step in mind if something goes wrong? Go through the steps of your incident response plan as though it is your real-time IT road map, guiding your through the unknowns of a disaster that could compromise your technology and data. If you don't know where to start, click here.

Unpredictable circumstances cannot be avoided, but losing data and business productivity can be if you are prepared. Take the time to map out your IT road map today and prepare your team for all "what if" scenarios.