A Deeper Dive Into 8x8

Businesses rely on phone calls and virtual meetings for collaboration both internally and externally on a daily basis, and in order to achieve significant levels of up-time this communication must be conducted efficiently. We’d like to dive into a few features of 8x8, a hosted VoIP business phone service that makes communicating from a distance easy and flexible. 8x8 is currently the #1 ranked hosted VoIP provider, as it is extremely advanced and less expensive than other options in the market.

As technology evolves, so does communication through virtual platforms. According to 8x8, 57% of customers are frustrated by a disconnected experience over the phone or online. If this is one of the main ways organizations are collaborating with customers, the experience must be a positive one.


So, what does 8x8 offer?



Business can sometimes be on the go, which is why being able to flawlessly switch from your mobile device to your computer without interrupting a phone call is so important. 8x8 has a call flip feature, that allows users to move calls between devices without mention. This feature streamlines conversations as they happen, and also gives users access to their phone calls through all of their business technology whether it is in the palm of their hand or in their office.



8x8 makes hosting online meetings easier through Virtual Office Meetings Online. It's simple to navigate for both the host of the meeting and attendees. The host simply sends a link and a meeting ID number to attendees. Once attendees click the link, the meeting pops up in a web browser. From there, the host and guests can collaborate by sharing their screens, sending content, and chat messaging as a group or to specific individuals. Users don't have to install any software or plugins, which streamlines the whole virtual meeting experience.



8x8 helps to modernize on-the-phone experiences for all parties. This is important, as effective communication helps organizations grow and collaborate. The more efficient the communication, the more engaging the conversations. According to a Walker study, 86% of buyers would be willing to pay more if they were guaranteed a better customer experience, which is why consistent communication helps with that engagement. With 8x8 your employees can easily transfer calls, and can work to solve customer issues quickly, while clients can easily get a hold of your organization.

Overall, 8x8 is a business phone service that helps integrate communication between channels and organizations seamlessly with an abundance of different tools users can take advantage of.