What You Need To Know About Next-Generation Firewall


There are so many components put into place to protect your organization on the technical side, it's difficult to differentiate between each one. So, when we talk about a firewall, more specifically a Next-Generation Firewall, what are we talking about? Here is what you need to know, and why Next-Generation Firewalls are important.


A Firewall is part of a computer system or network that consistently works to block unauthorized entry into your systems, while allowing you to communicate outside of your organization. Like any security function, the purpose of the firewall is to keep internal information safe. Think of a firewall as an invisible shield around your organization's technology, blocking any suspicious content from entering your system. Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) is an integrated platform within the third generation of firewall technology. NGFW contains the same functions as traditional firewalls, but goes a step further with the addition of intrusion detection, intrusion protection, content filtering, and much more.



Also known as intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPS), the IPS vigorously monitors networks and systems for suspicious activity within the Next-Generation Firewall. If a suspicious activity is detected, the IPS must identify it, record information about it, attempt to stop it, and finally report the activity. Unlike a typical firewall, the IPS monitors both outward communication and internal processes to evaluate risk, and prevent an attack from within.



Next-Generation Firewall also includes a new version of content filtering that is more concise, blocking out all the undesirable content, and only allowing for the necessary content to be shown. This increases efficiency and security when employees browse the Internet.



Another feature of Next-Generation Firewall is the ability to intentionally block all communication from different parts of the world. This can weed out unwanted communication and programs from virtually anywhere, and protects users to an even higher extent.

Next Generation Firewall will allow users to communicate outside of their organization with peace of mind knowing their internal information remains confidential and safe. The prevention, content filtering, and overall security measures will allow for continued business opportunity and efficiency.