What's Keeping You From The Cloud?

What's keeping you from the cloud? That is the overall question.

It is up to you and your IT team to determine whether or not you should implement a cloud solution. You might be wondering where to start, and we have the answer.



Moving to the cloud is not a one-size-fits-all solution by any means. In most cases, you cannot move everything to the cloud, because certain applications, products, or functions of your business may not be compatible with the cloud. Your IT team should work closely with you to determine what can and should be migrated to the cloud, and what can't be. This goes far beyond just the “tech” side of things, you really need to review and scrutinize your business workflows too.  What risks or gains are there to moving some or all of your environment to a cloud-based environment?



This is a great mid-way point for most companies to leverage as a stepping stone to being fully cloud-based.  In many cases, your business may be held hostage by the line of business applications you use on a daily basis.  Application vendors are notorious for being behind the curve when it comes to releasing new developments.  In the case of “going cloud,” they may even have to redesign their entire platform to be compatible with the technology behind the scenes to make it work correctly.  Most vendors, by now, have embraced creating a hybrid deployment environment.  Which is all about taking applications that are cloud-compatible and putting them in the cloud. Anything else that cannot (or should not) be migrated to the cloud can be managed in other ways by your team.



It is up to your IT team to guide your organization through the cloud migration process to make sure the path is clean and successful. Your team must also be willing and able to ask questions on behalf of your organization to find the best possible solutions during this process.  They should be willing to ask the challenging questions because it’s their responsibility to educate the decision-makers on both the risks & rewards so that the correct business decision can be made.

While you are determining whether "To Cloud or Not To Cloud," rely on your IT team to guide you through the operation.


Protecting your data is important, and having professional help will help to alleviate the stress of the unknowns.