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We are on Week 5 of our latest Five Nines Wellness Challenge! It's a challenge filled with a focus on eating the right food, being proactive about being active, and leaning on Five Nines team members to stay accountable.

Here is a breakdown of our latest Wellness challenge:


Five Niners have been using the MyFitnessPal app to consistently track what they have been eating over the past 6 weeks. Each week employees are given a new nutritional challenge, whether that is to add another serving of vegetables to their daily diet, or take away added sugars for an entire day. Advice and recipes are also shared each week to promote creativity and variation that gives Five Niners new and healthy foods to try.


Monitoring steps and time in the gym is also another goal for Five Niners throughout this wellness challenge. One goal that employees can choose is to log over 10,000 steps each week during the 6 week time frame. Another goal option is to visit the gym no less than 25 times during the quarter.

Our hope is, through these challenges our Five Nines team can be more intentional about their everyday health. We have learned the most successful way to be intentional is to set goals and have an accountability partner. We know a healthy lifestyle will look different for every person, which is why there are a variety of options to explore. Each quarter, Five Nines will bring awareness to a different area of wellness; Nutrition, Mental Health, Physical Health and Financial Health. By focusing on these areas, we hope to make life better for our team and their families.

We have enjoyed this extra boost from our Wellness Committee that has enticed all Five Niners to take some time to focus on themselves. We even got a great Banana Cake recipe out of the challenge.

Here's to a healthy and happy 2018 from our team to yours!


Now that we have your attention, do you want to learn more about the Five Nines Difference from a partnership perspective? Click below. 

What's the Five Nines Difference?


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Wellness is a Culture Shift

Sitting at a desk all day is not easy on your body. Employees who need computer access on a daily basis don’t necessarily have a choice, however, and in the IT industry that is especially true. We found a loophole to office fitness through our Beat the Bosses Step Challenge.

Beat the Bosses is a step challenge where employees are given new teams every Monday to defeat the Executive Team: Nick, James, Jenny and Joel, in number of steps walked that week. This means everyone at Five Nines has had to “step up” their step game each day to win.

 According to Very Well, walking has several benefits including a longer lifespan, boosted brain power and even mood and stress relief.

Walking: An idea so simple, yet an action that is so uncommon in the workplace.

Every employee has a fitness tracker of some sort, as Five Nines gave each Niner credit to buy a fitness tracker of their choice. That way, everyone has the ability to participate and track their fitness progress.

What started out as a fun way to compete, (because we are all competitors at heart here), quickly turned into an overall culture shift here at Five Nines. Here’s why.

One-on-one meetings have turned into walking meetings outside. Every employee is allotted one hour on the walking/fit desks if they choose to do so. Around the office you will hear employees joking about “sitting down” so one doesn’t beat the other in steps that day. A fun way to compete. A fun way to promote health.

Looking out the window, you will see employees taking a lap outside of the building every hour or so, to get some extra steps in. This is encouraged by all, and a lot of employees participate.

According to CEO Nick Bock, “Those 5-10-minute walk breaks are a great way to keep your productivity higher during the other 50-55 minutes of work.”

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Why is this a culture shift? Employees feel more inclined to get their steps in when everyone around them is also motivated. They don’t have to feel bad for taking a lap around the building every once in a while, because they are positively encouraged to do so.

56 out of the 80 Five Nines employees are participating in this six-week challenge. Over the past four weeks, Five Niners participating in the challenge logged an average of 3,236,659 number of steps per week combined. That would stretch to about 1,532 miles, which equivalent to walking from Lincoln to California. That’s a long walk.

This is week five of the Wellness Challenge, and Five Niners have not lost their fire yet. We believe wellness is for life, and this challenge is just the beginning.


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